Posted by: calsunshine | August 1, 2011

Boston Consulting’s Report on China Travel Industry 2010-2020

I read a very insightful industry report from BCG (Boston Consulting Group) regarding China Travel Market. It gave me a fundamental understanding of the current situation and future prospect of China’s travel industry, as well as the online travel planning sector. You can download it:

Chinese Version:

English Version:

I have copied some key points here:

  1. 2013年,中国有望赶超日本,成为全球第二大旅游市场。
  2. 中国游客与西方游客的差别相当显著。例如,中国的旅游需求主要来自于非常渴望见识新世界的年轻人,而西方的旅游需求主要来自于年 长者,他们往往有更多的时间和金钱进行旅行。大部分中国游客不到40岁。
  3. 中国游客规划行程所花的时间更少。
  4. 旅游规划 —— 由于大多数中国游客 的休闲游经验较少,因此他们在旅游网站上寻求建议、 搜集信息并在线预订。超过一半的受访者把网上信息列为他们最信赖的旅行计划来源,而只有三分之一相信口碑。这可能是因为许多人不认识那些曾游历过他们想去 之地的游客。对于出国旅游,人们更愿意依赖旅行社, 不仅是为了方便(政府法规要求游客去某些目的地需要 取得签证,而且申请流程可能不确定且十分繁琐),同 时也是因为旅行社能够帮助弥合文化差异和克服语言障碍。
  5. 中国游客却将近一半旅游预算用于购物。
  6. 随着中国游客的经验越来越丰富,他们很可能会通 过网上搜索和预订网站自己安排交通和住宿,而不是依靠 旅行社,尤其是国内休闲游。但在中国,旅游业非常分散且不 具差异性,消费者一般不信任旅行社和广告。此外,对 于大多数中国消费者而言,能够提供建议的亲友不多。 因此,特别是经验丰富的中国游客会花大量时间依靠自 己来寻找并比较信息和价格。这类规划大部分是在网上完成,包括研究目的地、预订交通工具以及预订国内游 的酒店房间。下载和了解网上的复杂信息、比 较价格并确定哪些评论者更加可信可能需要花费几个小 时,甚至几天时间。一站式 的、用户友好的旅游网站市场日益成长,这些网站能够 为游客提供可信赖的信息和服务。

The above chart is a typical Chinese tourist planning for travel online. She spent days visiting a dozen websites to seal the deal (Just like how I planned my Sanya trip!!!).

Therefore, I think the website to be built must integrate at least the functionality of step 1, 2 and 3 in the above chart, in order to satisfy the growing needs for Chinese tourists, which I believe is also the model of NileGuide. So far, I have seen none such website in China yet. Hence, this is a once-in-a-blue-moon chance to gran before others come up with such a website!!!



  1. very nice job!! We can do more market research in this industry to answer Q.1.6-1.8 about competitors. Even with existing competitors, we should be able to get a portion of the market share with its rapid rising trend.

    Also, there are 2 markets, overseas/China travel. Since our target audience are 个人游游客, we can consider the different needs(eg. as mentioned in the article, one factor is visa issue for independent travelers)

    On the side note, I’ve finished some tutorials on Ruby and looking at the RoR framework right now. It should help us quick launch a prototype, and it’s modular which means we can change our model easier afterwards. I’m going to look at other technologies used by data driven e-commerce sites too.

    • Great, we are both making progress! I spent the whole weekend trying to do market research and competitor analysis. Now I have the preliminary market research result as you can see above. Next I am going to summarize my competitor analysis and post here later.

      In addition, I am designing an online questionnaire containing about 20 questions to further research the needs of Chinese tourists. I will share the link with you as soon as I got it done and you may provide feedback. Then we can send it to all of our friends on FB, G+, renren, ect. I am hoping to get a sample size of at least 100 respondents.

      With the analysis on (1) Market (2) Customer (3) Competitor, we will know we are not fighting blindly. We will drive the development of our prototype basing on these value research results.

      For now, I am relying on you to research on the Technology side. I had some experience with both RoR and popular PHP frameworks such as CakePHP and Yii. I’ve written simple applications with each of them. However, I am not sure about the pros and cons to use each of them. I remember I saw the CEO of Toureet used a matrix to determine which framework to use so you may check it out. You are right, once we determine which framework to use, we can split up to develop by modules.

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