Posted by: calsunshine | July 29, 2011

Google’s Newest Hotel Finder;d=2011-08-04;n=1

I wonder if we can leverage this new service in China. At least I think these elements are interesting:

  1. Let users define the areas to search on the map.
  2. Show popular spots around.
  3. Add hotels interested to a short list.
  4. Hotel pictures well organized.
  5. Fast!!!


  1. Ha! no. 1 is a really cool feature!

    I’m thinking if we can do something as good for our idea#6, and speed will be the hardest part.

    • That’s why we are aiming at prototype at the first stage. If you remember the article share with you by Mr. Jamie. A different skill set is needed to make the website “fast’, such as memcache, load balancing stuff. I am hoping to learn from other people at 创新工场, or have people with such skills joinig us later.

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